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Trendy cabinets: 3 cool trends sweeping kitchen cabinetry

by Karl Fendelander
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Unlike the newest haircut, fit of jeans, or hit single, trends in kitchen cabinetry don't make it to the mainstream media all that often. But if it's time to update your kitchen and bring things into the 21st century, you need to know what the latest looks are. Here are three trends that have been steadily gaining popularity in the kitchen:

  • Thinking inside the box: A lot of attention is paid to cabinet exteriors. It makes sense; they are, after all, what everybody sees when you show off your kitchen. The trouble is, the people you're impressing with those slick cupboards, drawers, and such aren't the ones actually using the kitchen -- you are. Before you splurge on the fanciest veneers, consider what you've got going on inside your cabinets and drawers. Custom silverware holsters, vertical pull-out baking-sheet drawers, slide-out work spaces wherever you need them, built-in appliances, and much more more can be hidden behind any cabinet door or drawer front. Why not make your kitchen work for you?
  • Adding a touch of color: Bold colors are still in, but they aren't quite as prominent as they used to be. In the newer trend of transitional design, instead of aiming for cheery circus tent, today's home interiors are more neutral. Subdued, natural tones have taken over the kitchen (among other rooms), but that doesn't mean that bright colors are out of the picture. Using accent colors to pull out the red in a wood grain, the green in the tile, or whatever other color you want to highlight is a wonderful way to include cheery colors without going overboard. You'll be surprised how potent just a dash of color can be.
  • Going greener: Using eco-friendly products is not a new trend, but this Earth-friendly outlook is getting more and more popular as more materials come on the market. Green materials won't dramatically change the look of your kitchen -- just how you talk it up to friends, neighbors, and potential buyers (down the line, of course). From sustainably harvested woods to touch-activated, water-saving faucets, you can find almost everything you need to remodel a kitchen and reface cabinets available in environmentally-friendly models.

Talk to your contractor about putting these trends to work in your kitchen, and you'll have something not just visually appealing, but efficient and effective, as well.

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