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Add Earth Tones to Kitchen Design During Cabinet Refacing

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If warm, soothing earth tones help calm your mood, why not decorate around them? There are many ways to create an earth tone palette while refacing kitchen cabinets.

Earth Tones Add Harmony to Kitchen Design

Earth tones have been popular in kitchen design recently, as they add a warm, soothing style to a home. From paint to wall tile to countertop patterns and kitchen cabinet stains, there are plenty of ways to incorporate earth tones into your decorating scheme. As you plan a cabinet refacing project, here are popular ways to blend in earth tones.

Try Paint to Enhance Kitchen Design

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any kitchen design. This is particularly true for those who are refacing cabinets, as the combination of new cabinet fronts and drawers plus fresh paint can transform the room. Try adding these paint colors:
  • Sage -- a green and gray combination that adds punch yet blends with any d?cor.
  • Camel -- a color in the cream, light brown or taupe palette that adds a warm tone to a kitchen design.
  • Cream -- a light earth tone that brightens a small or dark kitchen design.
  • Rust -- a reddish brown color that can add some flair to a cabinet refacing project.

Let Wall Tile Spread the Warmth

There are many styles and patterns of wall tile that can add a warm, earthy feel to a kitchen design. Look for:
  • Ceramic wall tile that resembles natural stone such as marble, slate and travertine.
  • Honed marble to add a warm, Old World look.
  • Coordinating grout colors to enhance the earth tones in the wall tile.

Kitchen Countertop Patterns

The color and pattern of your kitchen countertop also can play into the earth tone trend. Depending on the material you buy, the countertop can include a few hints of earth tones or be a full-scale earthy pattern. This is true in laminate countertops, as the patterns are man-made and can be designed to focus on nature.

Earth tones can have a calming effect on your mind and body. By incorporating them during a cabinet refacing project, you can revamp your kitchen design in a few easy steps.

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