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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Add High Tech to Kitchen Design

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Technology is playing an important role in kitchen remodeling, improving kitchen appliances and wiring options for many home owners. During a cabinet refacing, look at ways to add these high tech features to your kitchen design.

Kitchen Appliances With Computerized Features

Today's kitchen appliances have come a long way. Many appliances combine sleek exteriors with computerized features that allow you to:
  • Key in your favorite recipes for future use. Just press a button on the kitchen appliance and your oven starts warming up at the appropriate temperature.
  • Download recipes and information from the Internet.
  • Cook with preprogrammed settings.
  • Use zoned temperatures on refrigerator bins. The result is produce and vegetables that are stored at the best temperatures.
  • Refrigerators that have television screens that connect to the Internet. If you run out of milk, the refrigerator can order it for you.
  • Warming drawers for storing party appetizers and kids' meals.

Add Updated Wiring During Cabinet Refacing

There also are wiring options that can enhance a cabinet refacing project. Look for:
  • Audio and video hook ups that are hard-wired into the main electrical and cable systems.
  • Integrated television and computer systems for convenience.
  • A dedicated Internet connection in the kitchen for grocery shopping, homework and bill payment.
  • Security options, such as a video monitor that tracks movement around the outside of your house.

Add Home Entertainment Options During Cabinet Refacing

If you like to cook while watching the latest news, consider adding a flat screen television to your kitchen design. Among the locations to consider are:
  • On the wall above the breakfast nook. If you are refacing cabinets in that location, try adding some coordinating molding around the television screen.
  • Beneath a wall cabinet. Many televisions can "flip down" and be hidden from sight when not in use.

When planning a cabinet refacing, look for ways to combine the updated look of new door fronts and drawers with these high tech appliance and wiring features. This type of kitchen remodeling can produce a kitchen design with a sophisticated look and plenty of convenience features.

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