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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Adding Style to Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When remodeling your kitchen, you want to select the kitchen cabinets first. They are the most important component in the kitchen and can make or break your kitchen design. As you plan your kitchen remodeling, consider these ?must have? trends for your kitchen cabinets.

Rich Kitchen Cabinets Rule the Day

High-end wood cabinets have been in vogue for many years, but today's kitchen cabinets have several twists:
  • Cabinet stains add colors such as chocolate, mocha, or pewter to the kitchen cabinet. The stain can be light or heavy and should focus attention on door fronts, drawers, or other detail areas.
  • Cabinet glazes enrich the cabinet stain or finish and accent the kitchen design.
  • Distressed treatments make the kitchen cabinets look old and worn.
  • Trendy kitchen cabinet hardware brings a rustic or antique look to the cabinets.

Economical Ways to Spice Up Kitchen Design

Years ago, you had to pay top dollar to get fancy stains and glazes on kitchen cabinets. Today, most kitchen cabinet manufacturers offer these types of treatments in moderately priced cabinets. You can consider splurging on a special glaze on the island cabinets only. This will make the island area stand out. There's also adding a mocha glaze to the main kitchen cabinets and leaving the island cabinets with a standard finish. This can help highlight a commercial oven along the main kitchen cabinet area. Lastly, you can also use two glazes in contrasting tones. Try the light one on the main kitchen cabinets and the dark one on the island cabinets.

Look to Your Remodeling Contractor for Tips

Most remodeling contractors who specialize in kitchens are familiar with current kitchen design trends. Ask about:
  • Unique kitchen cabinet woods, such as alder wood, which adds an old-fashioned look
  • Special kitchen cabinet detailing, such as multiple glazes or distressing the cabinet sides to make them appear worn.

Kitchen Cabinet Details

Your kitchen cabinet details also can make or break the kitchen design. Instead of lining up the same size cabinet boxes along the wall, try varying the kitchen cabinet heights and depths to add interest. You can also add tall or heavily detailed crown molding along the top and bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Finally, adding glass doors in key spots along the kitchen cabinet layout can bring a new element to your kitchen. This will highlight glassware, fancy dishes or knick knacks.

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