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Boost Kitchen Color While Cabinet Refacing

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Color is an important element of kitchen design, as it affects your mood and the way you view your space. Here's how to incorporate color trends to boost your cabinet refacing project.

Earth Tones Boost Kitchen Design

The relaxing sight of sage, camel or warm rust can do wonders for your kitchen design. As you plan a kitchen cabinet refacing, look for wood tones that will complement earthy colors and other popular trends. Among the options are:
  • Cherry kitchen cabinet fronts to go with a cream, camel or rust-hued color palette.
  • Maple cabinet fronts to accent sage or wine colored paint and accent pieces.
  • White cabinet fronts with a bold blue and yellow color scheme.

Retro Colors Take Over

If you're looking for a little nostalgia, consider some retro colors to bring in a 1950s, 60s or 70s feeling. Among the choices are:
  • Light lavenders
  • Bold pinks
  • Bright lemon yellow
  • Black and white patterns

Changing Neutral Colors

Years ago, neutral colors referred to whites and beiges. Today, the term neutral has expanded to include shades of gray, peach, yellow and taupe. By using one of these colors as your primary color, you keep your d?cor neutral while adding a subtle twist to the kitchen design.

Adding Color to Kitchen Design

There are many ways to incorporate the latest color trends into your kitchen design. During a cabinet refacing, consider adding color in a few main kitchen elements:
  • Wall tile -- can have a dramatic affect and help unify various design elements. Try:
    • A bold blue wall tile behind a commercial styled oven.
    • A soft yellow wall tile on the backsplash area to contrast with cherry kitchen cabinets.
    • Natural stone wall tile with cream and rust accents.
  • Paint -- can change the dynamics of a room and create a clean, crisp feeling.
  • Appliances -- in red, blue or green. Some companies make bold colored appliances to brighten a kitchen design.

Blending Color in Kitchen Design

A general rule of thumb is to use no more than three colors in your kitchen design and overall home decorating scheme. Of those colors, two should be prominent, with the other being an accent color. As you consider revamping your color scheme, look for two or three colors that blend well together, yet can stand alone. You'll soon be on your way to revamping your kitchen color scheme.


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