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Cabinet Refacing Adds Upscale Wood Options

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you love the modern look of maple cabinets, but think they are out of reach financially, think again. With cabinet refacing, it's easy to add an upscale wood cabinet front at a fraction of the cost of new kitchen cabinets.

Many homeowners mistakenly think that buying new kitchen cabinets is the answer to an outdated kitchen. In many cases, cabinet refacing can give you the look and functionality you need - without tearing apart the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Woods

If your laminate cabinets are worn thin, consider switching to wood door and drawer fronts. Through cabinet refacing, a remodeling contractor will remove those cabinet sections and replace them with a new wood species and/or style. Among the popular options are:
  • Maple - a light wood with a more contemporary look. Or, try remodeling with a raised panel cabinet door to make the kitchen cabinet design more traditional.
  • Oak - a perennial favorite, although it is losing some market share to maple and cherry. Oak has a rich grain and darker wood tones than maple.
  • Cherry - a rich wood with reddish brown tones. There are several varieties, such as American cherry and Brazilian cherry. Check with a cabinet refacing company about availability.

Consider Kitchen Cabinet Wood Tones

When selecting a cabinet door and drawer front, think about the wood tone you want. If you like lots of grain in your kitchen cabinets, then oak is a good bet. If you prefer a lighter wood, then maple might be the answer.

Maple sometimes has dark imperfections running through the wood, however. Some homeowners like the character this brings to kitchen cabinets, while others prefer the coloration found with oak. Consult with a cabinet refacing company or your remodeling contractor for details.

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