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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

For excellent storage, choose cabinets with drawers

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you have ever tried to find one tiny spice bottle in a cabinet full of identical bottles, you can relate to the need for innovative storage space in your cabinets. Though numerous cabinet manufacturers now offer cabinets with shelves and drawers that make easy work of your organizational needs, a contractor can create customized cabinet storage solutions that better fit your lifestyle and budget.

Cabinets with drawers make storage easy

Many homeowners attempt to create storage solutions for their kitchen cabinets, but most of those solutions are temporary fixes. A wire rack or plastic shelving can be a short-term solution, as can the addition of a lazy susan in those awkward corner cabinets.

A more professional job is the answer. Major manufacturers, such as Schrock Cabinets and IKEA, offer kitchen cabinets with numerous sizes of drawers available for the interior. These drawers can be as simple as a large roller drawer that offers easy access for heavy pots and pans, or as complex as a bank of small drawers that are perfect for holding spices, kitchen utensils and other small items.

Sometimes you get lucky and find a manufacturer that offers exactly what you want. But in many cases, custom jobs done by a professional contractor are more likely to suit your needs. A cabinet refacing job is the perfect time to add those individualized touches.

Start by assessing your needs. Do you require a larger area for spices? Do you need a sliding shelf to handle an overload of pots and pans? Do you want pantry organization for those cans and bottles? Once you decide what you need, consider the materials. Everything from fine woods to bamboo to wicker is fair game.

Drawing your ideas on graph paper is a great way to convey your needs to a contractor, who can then create an organization unit for your cabinets. In most cases, your existing cabinet boxes will work just fine for creating additional storage with drawers and shelves. Storage solutions for drawers are possible, too.

Cabinet refacing is an option

What if you decide you no longer like the look of your cabinet doors? Refacing your cabinets again won't be affected by the drawers or shelves inside the cabinet boxes. These modified cabinets open and close the same way traditional cabinets do, and often use the same kind of mounting hardware. Because of this, it can be easy to replace only the doors while leaving the custom drawers and shelves undisturbed.


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