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Color Your Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

by Ellen Foster
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Colors affect the mood and feel of your home, so when you think about a home remodel, consider the hues involved. Chances are it's your first thought when you remodel wall coverings, but what about the color of your kitchen cabinets? If you have an eye for color and are ready for a kitchen cabinet remodel, read on to learn about the color impact of different species of wood.

The Passion of Red

If you're looking to make a rich color statement with your wood cabinets, choose a wood with red tones. Cherry is a good bet for rich, full red. Red oak has red tones, but can be slightly pink or yellow with flecks of green.

The Warmth of Gold and Yellow

Hickory sports a variety colors, but gold and red tones are most prominent. Pine will give you a nice, rich yellow, but it is a heavily knotted wood that tends to look best in rustic kitchens.

Cool and Contemporary with White or Grey

Maple has a slightly off-white color, but can range from blonde to pink. Despite its name, white oak actually appears grey. These light woods are fantastic for high-contrast effects.

Amazing Glazing Possibilities for Your Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Glaze finishes prolong the life of the wood while enhancing or subduing color. Treatments can be heavy or light, depending on the desired effect.

One Last Thought

Thinking about the color for y6our cabinet remodel? Ask yourself whether you want to complement or blend, or strike a contrast that's going to pop.


About the Author
Ellen Foster is a freelance writer and teacher. Currently, she is braving Mid-Atlantic humidity while teaching English as a Second Language to international students.

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