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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Custom Cabinets: Creating Your Own Masterpiece

by Gigi Siguenza
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

A high gloss black, with touches of chrome. Aged oak, accented with antique gold hardware. Deep, glowing cherry, with inset glass panels. No matter what your vision is, custom cabinets offer you the chance to take an ordinary kitchen and make it uniquely yours.

When envisioning your new kitchen, how many times have you wished you could build a cabinet to fit in that odd little niche off to the side? What about that weird angle at the other side of the room? How about a completely custom butler's wall, with built in wine glass holders, wine bottle racks, and subtle lighting? All of these options are available with custom cabinets because they can be built to suit your needs.

Beauty   Functionality: Custom Cabinet Options

As well as offering a very wide range of door styles, finishes, and configurations, custom cabinets offer a terrific variety of internal options. Imagine being able to put all your pots & pans in an easy to access drawer, including pegs that allow you to keep lids organized. Consider how convenient it would be to have your dishes in a pull out drawer, stacked neatly and easy to reach. With options ranging from pull out recycling bins to spice racks that keep those pesky little bottles easy to read and reach, custom cabinets offer both beauty and functionality in a stylish package.

About the Author
Gigi Siguenza is a freelance writer and currently works in products & marketing. In the past, she has attended school for commercial art and design, as well as having worked as a kitchen and bath design specialist. She is an avid reader, and whenever possible, she pursues her love of art in its many forms.

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