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Cabinet Refacing With the Modern Influence

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

A surefire way to bring your entire home into the modern age is to start with the kitchen. You'd be surprised at how a simple cabinet refacing project will begin a designer chain reaction, spilling contemporary styles into the rest of the rooms.

With the typical cost of new cabinets ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $30,000 depending on your taste, cabinet refacing can accomplish the same goal without the shocking invoice. There is a wide selection of modern wood treatments and hardware accoutrements that cost less and looks great. The key is careful planning, not only of cabinet styles and colors, but of your lifestyle and how to take full advantage of your kitchen space.Enter the Modern Age of Cabinet Refacing. Perhaps the most enticing characteristic of modern cabinet refacing is your ability to combine shades and textures to break traditional style rules.
  • Finishes. Modern cabinet refacing finishes are limited only by your imagination -- paint, glaze, stain, bleach, and pickle some of the more popular cabinet face choices.
  • Panels. Cut out the center panels of your current cabinets and reface them with glass or other various materials. This is your opportunity to be colorful and creative with your cabinets.

You Might Not Have Thought of...

Take some of your cabinet doors off completely and use cabinets as an open-space storage area. Add photos, keepsakes, and other decor to personalize your kitchen and play off of the rest of your cabinet refacing work. Love curtains? String a wire across the space of some cabinets and hang small curtain coverings for color.

With some deep thought and subtle creativity, you can bring your old-fashion kitchen into the modern age at a price you can afford with cabinet refacing. Sources:

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