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Oak Kitchen Cabinets: A Failsafe Option For Your Kitchen

by Leslie Smith
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you have ever wondered why there are so many houses with oak kitchen cabinets, you are not alone and there are many good reasons.


Discount Cabinets Means Affordability

Oak kitchen cabinets are one of the most affordable options for your kitchen renovations. Almost every home store and cabinet outlet store carries them in a variety of styles to suit your needs. As evidence of the affordability, oak kitchen cabinets are often the stock kitchen cabinets already in place in tract homes and condominiums.

Staining Oak Cabinets for Versatility

Stain or paint, the option is yours depending on the look you want. The natural honey tones of oak kitchen cabinets do not have to limit your decorating style. You can paint them to have black kitchen cabinets or white kitchen cabinets and you can stain them to disguise them as another wood. Of course, stain and paint come in any color these days--the sky's the limit!

Durability: Very Little Kitchen Cabinet Repair Needed

Oak kitchen cabinets are mold and mildew resistant--an important attribute in your kitchen, especially near your sink and dishwasher. Oak is considered a hardwood so it withstands the heavy use of a busy kitchen without getting scratched or dented easily. If you have a growing family, this attribute alone might be the selling point you need.

In the end, oak kitchen cabinets can match your traditional kitchen or a sleek modern look. They have a beautiful grain and will last you a very long time. So if you are looking for affordable, versatile and durable cabinets for you kitchen, oak kitchen cabinets are an obvious choice.



About the Author
Leslie A.M. Smith lives in a 1929 house in Long Beach, California. When she isn't fixing things and redecorating, she is a freelance writer and public relations consultant.

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