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Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors: The Perfect Facelift for Cherry Cabinets

by Leslie Smith
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Imagine you've just moved into your dream house--a classic fixer-upper. The existing kitchen cabinets are old and damaged and your calculations of the costs of a whole new kitchen are more than you want to spend on just one room of the house. But wait! After cleaning what looked like old, inexpensive kitchen cabinets you realize these aren't just stained to look like cherry cabinets--they are cherry cabinets. Salvage them one way or another for a dramatic kitchen tune up.

Cherry Cabinets Tested by Time

If your cherry cabinets look like they were installed during the Civil War, then it is time to put those soldiers to rest. You might be able to just sand them down and clean them up with a fresh coat of varnish, but if they are beyond repair, the next option is replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

At a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire cabinets--boxes and doors--you can make your cherry cabinets look like new. Replacement kitchen cabinet doors in this instance can allow you to give your cherry cabinets a more contemporary look and feel.

Custom Kitchen Look With New Hardware

By changing the hinges, handles and drawer pulls, your cherry cabinets really move forward into a new era. Kitchen renovations are never quite complete until the small details like hardware are addressed. Do it right. Don't scrimp by detracting from the look of your replacement kitchen cabinet doors with handles that are too basic or low-quality.

Enjoy the new look of your old cherry cabinets and use the money you saved elsewhere in your home.

About the Author
Leslie A.M. Smith is a freelance writer who desperately needs a new kitchen. Until she can afford it, she has her eye on refacing her cabinets.

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