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Solutions to Fit Your Lifestyle with Riviera Cabinetry

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Picture the perfect cabinetry design in your mind. What are the features you see? Solid construction inside and out? Silent doors with perfect fittings? Maybe even an array of storage options that fit the way you organize your life? If you want all of these benefits and more, check out the line of Riviera cabinetry.

When many cabinetry companies use the word "custom," what they don't tell you is that the design is not actually your own. For most, custom cabinetry means designs cut to their specifications and not your own. But Rutt cabinetry offers you truly customized designs that look great and are fairly priced. You can meet with a Rutt custom cabinetry expert and tell them exactly the way you want your cabinets to look. Your plans will be used to cut your custom cabinetry, not the ready made plans of the manufacturer. With Rutt custom cabinetry, you have a full menu of inviting designs and accessories to build your dream cabinets.

Riviera Cabinetry: The Basics

  • All Wood Construction. Riviera cabinetry features semi-custom 3/8" all wood construction that increases in depth, width and height.
  • Styles and Overlays. Mix it up with Riviera's over 5,000 combinations of door styles, overlays, stains and finishes.
  • Glazing. Add your own specific design with a special order glaze.
  • Rustic Designs. For a more traditional look, Riviera cabinetry offers rustic designs that are perfect for the country themed kitchen or bathroom.

Now that you know the value and versatility of the Riviera cabinetry line, you might want to start thinking about how you can make the project a reflection of your lifestyle.

Riviera Cabinetry: Planning Ideas

  • Cubby Drawers. You can have your cabinet designs interspersed with space saving cubby drawers to hold all of your knickknacks.
  • Hideaway Cabinets. Select from several smart hideaway cabinet designs that give you all the extra space your kitchen will need.

Riviera cabinetry is a sophisticated design for your lifestyle. Check out the line at your local home and garden center today.

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Kelly Richardson covers the home improvement scene in between his seasonal projects. His articles appear wherever intelligent interior design is valued.

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