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StarMark Cabinetry: Accenting the Focal Point

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Very few cabinet designs allow you to combine textures and colors quite like authentic StarMark cabinetry. This custom design is a true work of art and will turn your kitchen into a veritable work of art itself. StarMark is a pioneering design that you will love.

For many homeowners, having kitchen cabinets installed is simply a step in the process of building a home. But for you, kitchen cabinets are a chance to show your good taste and sense of quality. And choosing StarMark cabinetry gives you all the tools you need to make your kitchen a reflection of you. StarMark cabinetry has a long standing tradition of style and elegance that you just can't get with ordinary cabinetry designs. Here are some of the StarMark rules for colors and textures.

StarMark Cabinetry: Colors and Textures

  • Focal Point. StarMark cabinetry says pick a focal point to accentuate, such as a run of cabinetry or a hearth hood.
  • Contrast. Choose unifying details that play off each other, such as a dark wood island versus light wood cabinets.
  • Accessories. StarMark cabinetry goes great with attractive accessories such as framed art and custom moulding.

While mixing and matching designs are one important benefit, the real value of StarMark cabinetry lies in its quality. These custom designs are made with the homeowner in mind.

StarMark Cabinetry: Features

  • Expressive Designs. Choose from a variety of styles that all include decorative wood and metal hardware, carved wood and metal onlays, carved mouldings and turned posts.
  • Soft Close System. Enjoy silent cabinets and drawers with StarMark's unique soft close system that features perfectly matched receptors that ensure a tight seal.

There is little doubt that StarMark cabinetry is the peak of cabinet products. Affordable and practical, check out the possibilities with authentic StarMark cabinetry today.

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Kelly Richardson covers the home improvement scene in between his seasonal projects. His articles appear wherever intelligent interior design is valued.

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