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The simplicity of unfinished cupboards and raw wood furnishings

by Justin Boyle
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

It's no secret that home design is charging into the future right alongside most other disciplines, but that doesn't mean that you have to struggle to keep up. Many people are making the decision to purchase unfinished cupboards, cabinets, drawer faces, and accent pieces for their homes. From the do-it-yourself possibilities to the rustic romantic feel of raw wood, unfinished cupboards and cabinets offer several advantages.

One advantage of unfinished cupboard, cabinet, or bedroom fixtures is their design flexibility. If you know a handy woodworker (or if you are one), raw wood allows you greater control over the color and overall look of your furniture. Many unfinished cupboards have some assembly required, which adds a personalized dimension to your furnishings. Also, with the right knowledge about how certain woods interact with certain types of varnish or stain, unfinished cabinets can be customized to your exact specifications.

Using the unfinished cupboard as is

Another reason people are choosing unfinished cupboards and cabinets over the fully manufactured variety is the pleasant, old-country look and feel of raw wood. When furnishing a winter cabin or a summer house in the mountains, you might want to match your interior design with the quiet wilderness of your surroundings. Unfinished furniture will hearken back to a simpler time, as well as gain an appropriately well-used character faster than finished pieces.

Consider unfinished cupboards, cabinets, bed frames, tables, or chests of drawers for your next decorating project. The possibilities are endless!

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