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Planning Your Kitchen with the Thomasville Cabinet

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Thomasville Furniture Company has been making custom cabinet designs for years. And they know what it takes to make the perfect cabinet. In fact, no other cabinet design offers you more color and hardware options than authentic Thomasville cabinetry.

Thomasville cabinet designs are created with practicality and beauty in mind. Many cabinet refacing projects require changing the entire theme of the kitchen due to insufficient cabinet design options. But with the Thomasville designs, you are sure to find the perfect tone and shape to match any existing theme. Or, start with a Thomasville cabinet and then work out. This cabinet makes a great focal point to begin an entire kitchen design. The lines are clean and the operation flawless. From drawers to storage compartments, Thomasville cabinetry is an affordable, yet elegant, way to present any kitchen or bathroom.

Thomasville Cabinet: Door Design

  • Raised Panel Arch. Thomasville cabinets are known for their raised panel arch that gives your kitchen a rounded design.
  • Raised Panel Square. The Thomasville raised panel square cabinet is one of the more ornate designs of any cabinet design available.
  • Recessed Panel. The recessed panel adds another dimension to your kitchen and can be matched with custom trim or other accents.
  • Flat Panel. The flat panel design is perfect for those homeowners with simple, classic tastes.

Thomasville has a long history of quality cabinet construction, making the Thomasville name synonymous with cabinetry excellence. Here are just a few of the extras you get with Thomasville cabinetry.

Thomasville Cabinet: Extras

  • Glass and Accent Doors. The doors of your Thomasville cabinets hold incredible potential. Break up the monotony with a signature glass or accent door.
  • Accessories. You can also select a variety of accessories to compliment your Thomasville cabinets, such as trim and moulding.

Check out the competitive pricing on a Thomasville cabinet set today, and make your kitchen something to talk about.

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