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Top Five Trends for Custom Kitchen Drawers

by Britt Young
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

With all the hustle and bustle in today's family kitchens, it's easy to understand how your custom kitchen drawers can take a beating. If you're ready to reface your drawers and want to stay current, here's a look at the top five design trends:

  1. Shaker-style, flat-panel drawers. According to Nicole Clements of Home Depot in Reno, Nevada, shaker style, flat-panel drawers are tops. She finds many homeowners are interested in these mid-priced drawers, perhaps due to budgetary constraints. Plus, she says, shaker-style drawers offer clean lines and a contemporary feel.
  2. Timeless traditional. For those opting-out of contemporary, traditional drawer styles continue to appeal to homeowners. Especially in economically-challenging times, many homeowners remodel with nostalgia in mind. Plus, many homeowners consider traditional styles timeless and everlasting.
  3. Cherry trending upward. When it comes to drawer materials, cherry is the most popular wood material for custom kitchen drawers. Maple follows close behind, and alder is becoming increasingly popular.
  4. Finishing touch. The most popular custom kitchen drawers finishes are medium-natural, dark-natural, glazed, and white-painted. Clements notes that medium tones are best for resale.
  5. Keeping it natural. Besides white-painted finishes, other light colors are waning in popularity. Most homeowners are also steering clear of distressed finishes. The natural look is in.

It's hard to love an out-dated kitchen. So, follow these design trends when refacing your custom kitchen drawers, and enjoy your new kitchen in style.



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