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Your kitchen remodel: Working with white cabinets

by Gina Pogol
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

White kitchen cabinets work with nearly every style of decor and are a great antidote to small or dark spaces. White is the ultimate in neutral and goes with everything, but like any color, it requires good design planning. These tips can make your choice of white more than just all right.

Kitchen remodel: White cabinets and the rest of the kitchen

  1. Counterpoint. The expanse of countertop is as prominent a kitchen feature as your cabinets, so it needs to go well with them. White kitchen cabinets combined with granite countertops create an expensive and classy look. Antique white kitchen cabinets look rich when complemented by one of the various shades of brown or black-colored granites. White kitchen cabinets look sleek and modern when paired with dark--especially black--countertops. You can also look at marble countertops in dark colors for white cabinets.
  2. Cabinetry combos. You could go with a monochromatic look (all white already!) or opt for a snazzy color combination. Not a wallflower? Red and white kitchen cabinetry is snappy and energetic. Cherry brown and antique white kitchen cabinets are simple and classic. Black and white is also a popular combination and can give an art deco twist to your food prep and entertaining. Like farmhouse appeal? Consider yellow and white or green and white. Gray and white is subtle and futuristic, and pickled finishes (wood with white paint rubbed in) are popular in rustic kitchens.
  3. Everything else. In addition to cabinetry, your kitchen color scheme will be served by paint, flooring, counters, and backsplashes. Unless you want your kitchen to look like a laboratory, restrict white to no more than 70 percent of the surfaces. And limit the additional colors to no more than two unless you want your kitchen to be mistaken for a nursery school.

White kitchen cabinets can be classic and simple, but they need not be boring.



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