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Depreciating costs of single-family homes in Hawaii in the first quarter if 2009 is down one-tenth percent from the second quarter of 2008, from a median sales price of 636,000 to 570,000. Indeed, new ways of remodeling need to be considered in rooms of homes that are to be put up for sale in this declining market.

Even easier on the budget would be to consider cabinet refacing. When a home you are considering to put on the market is still in good condition, just needs a face lift, cabinet refacing is the way to go. It is easy on the budget since there is no actual need to replace old cabinet doors, but rather, just the laminate. Although it is possible to hire some Hawaii contractors who specialize in veneers, it is just as easy to work on this project yourself if you have some free time on your hands.

This project fits into any budget, big or small. The key is taking the time to do research. Perusal of many interior design magazines, television shows specializing in home makeovers, and their corresponding websites should do the trick. A home improvement store will provide all the materials and tools you need without spending more than you need to. The best thing about it is, you gain a brand new skill.