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7 Ideas to Increase Your Countertop Space

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Need to increase countertop space? If you're considering refacing your cabinets, you may be wondering what other changes you can make to increase the style and functionality of your kitchen. Clearing your countertops is a great surface change that can make a big difference in how your kitchen looks and how you're able to use it. So if you're not sure how to increase your countertop space, check out these tips.

Quick-and-Easy Ways to Increase Countertop Space

  • Purchase a rolling kitchen cart. A rolling kitchen cart can give you a small island to use as countertop space and storage, and the added benefit--it can be conveniently rolled out of the way when you don't need it.
  • Add a hanging basket. Use a multi-level hanging basket to store fruits and vegetables, instead of a countertop bowl.
  • Put away everything that's not used more than once a week. If you don't use it often, put it in a cabinet. The easiness of access to the particular appliance should correspond with how often you use it.
  • Clear your cooking utensils off the counter with a backsplash rack. Installing a backsplash rack gives you a place to hang and store your spoons, whisks, spatulas, and other cooking utensils without the need for some kind of container on the countertop.

More Involved Ways to Increase Countertop Space

  • Install a pull-out cutting board. You can use your countertop for other preparation when you have a cutting board area that's as easy to use as pulling out a drawer. What's more, this project is a good one for the do-it-yourselfer because it requires only basic carpentry skills.
  • Add a corner sink. This requires significant changes to your plumbing and your cabinets, but installing a corner sink can give you longer stretches of countertop space if you're really desperate.
  • Install an under-cabinet pull-down spice rack. These spice racks attach to the bottom of your upper cabinets and keep spices laying flat out of the light, out of the cabinets, and off the countertop. They only hang down a little more than the width of the spice container, yet they are easy to pull down to give you clear view of your spices.

There are a variety of solutions for a lack of countertop space. So figure out exactly what your needs are to decide on the best way to increase countertop space in your kitchen.

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