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Recipes for an appetizing kitchen remodel

A fabulous meal involves a lot more than getting your recipes right. It means creating an interesting mix of tastes, textures and colors. And if your kitchen says tuna casserole but you want Peruvian pastelito, it's time to change things up with a mixed media countertop and backsplash.

What's mixed media?

In art, mixed media means incorporating several techniques into one piece -- for example, acrylic painting with decoupage, or chalk and water color. In kitchen remodeling, it could involve combining different flooring materials, countertop surfaces or kitchen cabinet finishes. Mixed media counters and backsplashes not only make a stylish impression; they can allow you to incorporate a few more expensive elements while keeping costs down.

Artful combos

A boring expanse of generic backsplash can be relieved with a few hand-painted tiles, or some trendy stainless or stamped metal medallions. Try creating a focal point with a centered design "framed" by contrasting stone, tile or glass.

Love the look of slab granite but not the price? Achieve a very cool, artistic-yet-earthy counter by installing granite tile, and edging with ceramic bull-nose tiles and trim. A modern kitchen looks amazing with swirly granite in gray-scale tones accented with black ceramic trim. For a warm look, go with Brazilian granite tile trimmed with gold ceramic.

How about colorful Mexican tiles? A few Talavera pieces can really pop against a plain white ceramic or travertine kitchen countertop. Or invoke a beach-house vibe with watery glass tiles and weathered wood.

Getting help

Take a favorite piece of artwork or photo and ask a decorator or kitchen contractor to interpret it with a collection of coordinating countertop and backsplash materials. You could have a gallery-worthy kitchen before you know it.

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