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Consider All Countertop Options During Cabinet Refacing

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

The kitchen countertop has become a hot item in today's kitchen design. As you consider a cabinet refacing project, think about how the countertop material will affect the overall kitchen design.

Granite Countertops Add Style

Granite countertops are considered all the rage because the shiny, natural stone adds a sophisticated look to the kitchen. When paired with newly refaced cabinets, the look can be stunning. Granite is available in a range of colors tones, from cream and brown to stark black, and is highly durable and heat resistant.

This type of countertop blends well with most styles of cabinet refacing, including:

  • Traditional oak, maple or cherry cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Door fronts with raised panels and arched tops.
  • Transitional cabinet styles that blend traditional and contemporary features.

Other Popular Countertop Materials

Granite countertops are not the only solution, however. Some home owners prefer the crisp, cool look of quartz or solid surface material. These products are man made and are easy to maintain. They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns and are seamless, so you won't have trapped dirt between the sink and countertop.

Laminates Offer Economical Choices

Laminate countertops remain the most economical choice for the kitchen countertop. These countertops are available in hundreds of colors, patterns and styles, from earth tones to speckled patterns to natural stone designs. One disadvantage of laminates is that they can scratch. They also are not heat resistant.

Other Countertop Options

While the preceding countertop materials tend to rule the market in many areas, there are other options to consider. Among them are:

  • Ceramic tile -- sold in many patterns, but requires some maintenance.
  • Soapstone -- a blue stone that retains heat well.
  • Limestone -- a natural stone with light color tones.

There are many kitchen countertop materials to consider when refacing your cabinets. As you peruse the options, look for a material, color and pattern that will blend with the cabinet refacing style and give an extra boost to the kitchen design.

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