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DIY Ideas to Build Your Kitchen Island Countertop

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

As kitchen island countertops have gained in popularity, your options for DIY projects in your kitchen have multiplied. From simple maintenance to dramatic upgrades, kitchen island countertops are prime surfaces for handy homeowners.

To save money, you can build your own kitchen island countertops by using readymade or modular base cabinets and then adding a countertop to match your requirement and budget. Follow these steps and you can easily build your own kitchen island countertop in just one weekend:

  1. Chalk out the kitchen island dimensions on your kitchen floor, taking into consideration open appliance doors and other cabinet doors (anywhere between 36" to 48") and walk ways (36" or normal corridor space.) Customize your dimensions based on your specific requirements.
  2. Choose standard base cabinets that are 36" wide and 24" deep, or get custom cabinets to fit your dimensions.
  3. Attach the cabinet frames both at the front and back using screws. Fill in any gaps with screwed in wood spacers.
  4. Add a matching panel to the back of your unfinished base cabinets using a pneumatic nail gun, which is easy and convenient. Conceal the nail holes using wax stick of a matching shade.
  5. Add trimming for a finishing touch.
  6. Finally, attach the countertop of your choice. If you choose butcher block wood, all you need to do is screw it down from underneath. For natural stone tiles or slabs, you need to follow material-specific guidelines for their installation, which are available from your material manufacturer.
  7. Kitchen island countertops make great buffet tables. Leave 6" of extra countertop space on the side of your island facing your dining room, and you can have a long buffet table whenever you want.

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