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Laminate Kitchen Countertops: Flexibility for the Budget Conscious

by Leslie Smith
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Kitchen countertop prices can vary greatly depending on the material used. On the high end, granite and marble command top dollar for their durability and other advantages. However, for the budget conscious, laminate is available at rock-bottom prices.

While laminate is quite popular for its low price, many homeowners also love its unique, retro look. Several manufacturers today create laminate patterns to cater specifically to this particular market segment. As a synthetic material, laminate can be made into a variety of colors and styles to appeal to homeowners of every generation.

Laminate is non-porous, quite durable and virtually maintenance-free. Unfortunately, it is not heat resistant. Hot pans can quickly ruin a laminate countertop. Avoid placing warm or hot items on your countertop to preserve its beauty.

You can find laminate countertops in commonly used ready-made lengths. Generally, these lengths range from 6 feet to 10 feet. You will find laminate kitchen countertops in most home improvement stores, and they are available in either straight or mitered ends.

In addition, laminate countertops can be easily cut and quickly installed by homeowners themselves. As mentioned previously, the biggest advantage of laminate is its extremely low cost. Laminate costs approximately $5 per square foot which makes it the least expensive in terms of kitchen countertop prices. If you are planning to have a professional install your countertop, the labor cost might be anywhere from $15 to $30 for an hour.

About the Author
Leslie A.M. Smith is a freelance writer who desperately needs a new kitchen. Until she can afford it, she has her eye on refacing her cabinets.

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