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Metal Kitchen Countertops: Pros and Cons

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Refacing your kitchen cabinets typically means you're looking for ways to upgrade your kitchen. If you've chosen an interesting type of cabinet for your refacing job, you may want to consider another way to make your kitchen truly unique--metal kitchen countertops. Metal kitchen countertops, whether stainless steel, copper, zinc, or pewter, are a great way to set your kitchen apart in look and style. However, metal kitchen countertops are certainly not for everyone. Which category do you fit into? Look at our pros and cons to find out.

Pros of Metal Kitchen Countertops

  • Style: Metal kitchen countertops can be very beautiful, glowing with their own particular shine. If you want a modern, no-nonsense look, go with stainless steel. If you're looking for a warm, Old World look, go with copper. If you like silver but want a softer glow, consider zinc or pewter.
  • Hygiene: Metal kitchen countertops are nonporous, which means that yoiu can just wipe bacteria off the surface. Copper actually has microbial properties that help reduce contamination. Not bad, considering that most kitchen countertops have some of the highest germ counts in the whole house.
  • Heat-Resistant: Metal kitchen countertops aren't damaged by heat. Unless the pan is extremely hot, they shouldn't burn, melt, or warp the way other kitchen countertop surfaces can, so if you can't find that hot pad or trivet, just set your pan on the counter!

Cons of Metal Kitchen Countertops

  • Watch out for Corners: Metal, while sturdy and resistant to many types of damage, can be dented. Metal can take a lot, but the edge of a wine bottle or the corner of a heavy appliance could do permanent damage to the countertop.
  • Maintenance: Metal is also not scratch-proof, and the shinier a finish you have on your countertops, the more it shows fingerprints. If little irregulaties tend to bother you, you may find the occasional scratches irritating until they become more uniformly spread over the countertop.
  • Patina: Many metals develop a patina as they age and their surfaces oxidize. Zinc turns a darkened blue-grey color, pewter a dull grey, and copper a brownish-black with green flecks. If you want to maintain a bright shine and a more consistent color on your countertop, you can apply a seal or polish your countertop regularly.

Metal kitchen countertops offer a unique look and shine for your kitchen, but they're not for those who prefer a neat and uniform look. If, however, you like the look of metallic luster and you see a patina as added character for your kitchen, metal kitchen countertops could be for you.

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