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Concrete Countertops

by Gabby Hyman
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Weight of concrete countertops

The standard thickness of a concrete countertop is 1.5 - 2.0 inches. Specialized counters can be order up to 6 inches in thickness; this is mostly done for aesthetic reasons. The weight of concrete countertops varies depending on the type of concrete used. The average square foot of concrete countertop weights 18.75 pounds. (Granite countertop is 18pounds per square foot) This will be less if a light weight concrete is used.

Most contractors tend not to use the light weight concrete because it doesn't have the strength that traditional concrete does. The weight doesn't present an issue for the cabinetry underneath because the weight is distributed along such a large surface area.

Versatility of concrete countertops

There are so many fun and unique things that can be done with you choose concrete as your countertop. The versatility of concrete countertops is nearly endless. Some of the really cool things you can do include building in a drain board next to your sink. This way dishes can dry and you don't have to have an unsightly dish drainer setting out. Also, you can have metal rods placed into the counter while it is being molded and you will always have a trivet next to the stove where you can place a hot pan or baking sheets.

You can also do inlays, unique edging or a fun back splash that is artsy and fun. A ramp sinks is another example of the versatility of concrete countertops. Because it is all one piece, there is no need to have a specific molded hole for a sink to drop into and you have many more options for your design.

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