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10 quick kitchen makeovers before Thanksgiving

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

The holidays are almost here and you are looking forward to guests--but is your kitchen ready for them? If your kitchen looks old and drab, these quick and easy fixes can make all the difference.

  1. Add a pot rack. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is difficult enough without having to search for just the right pan under the counter. A pot rack gives you more space, makes the right pan easy to find and offers visual appeal, especially if you spring for a nice set of new pots and pans to go along with it.
    pot rack
  2. Switch out the hardware. If your cabinets are looking a little dated, spruce them up with new cabinet hardware. It seems like a very small detail, but you might be surprised at how well those new pulls brighten your kitchen.
  3. Paint the cabinets. Do you have a few days before the cooking commences? Run out to the store and grab a gallon of paint for those old cabinets. Just make sure there is plenty of ventilation to allow for quick drying of the paint, and you're good to go with a fresh new look.
    restaining kitchen cabinets
  4. Remove the doors. Why not showcase those pretty dishes and open up the space a bit? Carefully remove your kitchen cabinet doors, line the shelves with pretty paper and stack your dishes neatly for your guests to admire.
  5. Add a new hanging lamp. Choose a new pendant lamp that will complement your decor, and add a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the level of lighting to your mood. The ambiance will make the kitchen cozy, and more like a room to gather in rather than a sterile, careful place to prepare food.
    kitchen lamp
  6. Change the backsplash. You can replace the tile backsplash when you have a bit more time; for now, why not liven it up with interesting decals? From subtle to sparkly, decals can instantly transform old, boring tile into a conversation starter.
  7. Step it up with new flooring. Though most flooring takes several days to install, you can save a lot of time with simple self-adhesive vinyl tiles. Installation is a breeze--you can even cut the no-hassle tiles with a pair of scissors for the perfect fit.
  8. Introduce a new table. If there isn't enough room for all your guests, now is a great time to spring for that new dining room table you have had your eye on. Call the furniture store and get the delivery within a few days. Keep the old table for extra seating until the holidays are over.
    dining room table
  9. Recreate the walls. There isn't time to paint the walls before Thanksgiving, but there is time to stick something on them--like removable wallpaper or vinyl wall patterns. The change can be eye-catching and if it is done well, no one will know it's temporary.
  10. Remake the windows. Take down those old blinds and put them away for a while. Replace them with whimsical cafe curtains in bright colors. The splash of color and light streaming through the window can make your Thanksgiving preparations much more satisfying.

Whether it's a serious paint overhaul or a simple addition of decals on a backsplash, livening up your kitchen for Thanksgiving could be much easier than you think. Get started right now and by the time the big day arrives, you will be ready for cooking and compliments.



About the Author
Shannon Dauphin is a journalist and occasional novelist with a serious weakness for real estate. Her current home was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her necessary hobbies.

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