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4 tips for keeping a kitchen remodel within budget

There are few home improvement projects more exciting--and more daunting--than the kitchen remodel. With proper planning the myth of a ballooning budget can remain just that, a myth. There are ways to keep the budget reasonable and still get the things you want. Here's how.

  1. Plan every last detail. Don't simply budget for cabinets, floors, lighting and the other basics. Budget for the smaller things, like hardware for the cabinets and baseboards for the floors. Little things can sometimes add up to big numbers.
  2. Cut out the little extras. Do you really need that fancy crown molding? Would a thinner wood work for the flooring? Keep what you absolutely must have and compromise on the things that aren't essential.
  3. Go for discount deals. Many discount stores offer the biggest price cuts on cabinets and flooring that is of high quality but simply considered "out of date" in comparison to new, trendy products. If you can stand using last year's hot designs, you can save a bundle.
  4. Hire a good contractor. A kitchen remodel is a serious project that a novice should never tackle alone. Hiring a contractor can help ensure the project is done well from start to finish.

Though there will always be tales of remodel budgets gone awry, the idea that you have to resign yourself to sticker shock is a myth. Doing plenty of research and working closely with a good contractor can keep your costs reasonable.

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