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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

5 inside tips for cool cabinet interiors

by Karl Fendelander
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Cabinet refacing can seem heavily slanted toward beautifying the exterior of your cabinets. But even if the inside of your cabinets are in good structural shape, they can still use a little love, too. And if you're going to opt for open cabinets, then making your cabinet interiors look nice is an absolute necessity.

5 ideas for adding flair to kitchen cabinet interiors

Don't settle for the same old cabinet interiors when you reface your cabinets. Here are some ideas to make them truly awesome:

  1. Colors! Because cabinet interiors are most often hidden from view, you can go wild with the colors inside. Match or accent your dishware. Make opening the cabinet a joyfully bright experience. Lighten up your old dark wood. You can paint the entire inside one color or just paint certain spots -- either way, you can add depth and contrast (and a little fun) to any kitchen.
  2. Chalkboard paint can be fun no matter where you put it. It might not be bright enough for the entire inside of your cabinets, but the back wall on eye-level cabinets is a great place. Go for something simple and fun by writing "Bowls" and "Plates" with arrows, or go to town and make mini murals. It's a great way to make sure things get put away in the right spots and leave hidden notes for loved ones. Be sure to lighten things up with other colors on the side walls and shelves.
  3. Wallpaper can be a little much throughout an entire kitchen, but inside of your cabinets, even the most intense pattern can work wonderfully. Your dishes and shelves serve to break things up, reducing the impact of what might be an otherwise overwhelming pattern.
  4. Fabric. Easy to install (read on), easy to replace and boasting a great variety of patterns and textures, fabric is a crafty way to accent the interior of your cabinets. Like wallpaper, you can choose wild designs to brighten the inside of your cabinets without having to worry about making the kitchen look too busy. Unlike wallpaper, fabric can be swapped out on a whim. To install, attach fabric to foam boards that fit snugly into the back of your cabinets, slide them into place -- and voila!
  5. Lights really brighten things up in your cabinets. If you've got open or glass-front cabinets, interior lighting can add pleasant ambient light. If not, talk to you contractor about installing small pressure switches so that lights go off when the door closes to save electricity. Create a soft-light wall behind your dishes, or install color-changing LEDs to shift the tone of your whole kitchen with the flip of a switch. With the wide variety of LED and fluorescent lighting available today, the only limit to what you can do with lighting is your imagination.

You can also talk to your contractor about adding functional items that help organize your cabinet interiors -- then add your crafty touch to those, too!

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