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7 Budget Makeover Ideas to Spice Up Your Kitchen

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

While it's no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home, all too often kitchens seem just plain boring. If you're interested in a budget kitchen makeover, you may have thought about refacing your kitchen cabinets. But if you're not sure about refacing or you simply want a few small changes for even less money, consider these budget-friendly alternatives to refacing your kitchen cabinets.


7 Budget Makeover Ideas to Bring the Fire Back Into Your Kitchen

  1. Add feet to your cabinets. The furniture look is in, and some cabinets now come with ornate hardware and intricate carved detailing. To copy this look, place a couple furniture feet that match your kitchen cabinets under specific end cabinets or work stations. Paint the toe kick a slightly darker color than the cabinets to make it recede visually.
  2. Add a backsplash. If you want colorful detail, a brightly-colored backsplash of porcelain or glass tiles can wake up your kitchen for a relatively low cost, especially if you have enough experience to install the tiles yourself.
  3. Take off the cabinet doors. If you own some nice pottery or dishware, consider permanently taking the doors and hinges off the kitchen cabinet boxes and painting the insides and shelves a coordinating color. This is a budget makeover that can instantly add flair to your kitchen.
  4. Buy a new faucet and new hardware to match. It's amazing the difference new hardware can make. A bright, shiny new faucet and hardware in a matching style can add a subtle gleam to your kitchen.
  5. Wallpaper your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen without much decoration and you want to add some action to the room, consider wallpaper. It shouldn't cost much if most of your walls are covered by cabinets, but it can really make your kitchen stand out.
  6. Replace sink cabinet doors or pantry doors with a curtain. Adding a curtain where there was once a door can soften the look of your kitchen and add color. Just make sure that if you've got little ones, there's nothing in either place you don't want them getting into!
  7. Change the window dressing. What's currently covering the windows in your kitchen? Take it out and replace it with a curtain, valance, wooden blinds, a small awning or something else that coordinates with the rest of your kitchen color and style.

These budget kitchen makeovers are a great alternative to kitchen cabinet refacing or remodeling if you like the basic layout of your kitchen and the style of your cabinets. Fresh style doesn't have to cost a lot!

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