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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Accessorize kitchen cabinets for fun functionality

by Karl Fendelander
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

A deep, too-tall, shelf-less cabinet with a gorgeous new door and hardwood veneer is, unfortunately, still a deep, too-tall, shelf-less cabinet. When it's time to reface your cabinets, don't stop at the aesthetic just because you've already made a lot of decisions and you're ready for it to just be done -- there are many, many accessories out there that can add a whole new level of function to your kitchen.

Highly functional kitchen cabinet accessories

When you're refacing, you can't change much about the placement of your kitchen cabinets, but you can change how functional they are. Here are some accessories that can help you get the most out of your kitchen:

  • Roll-out trays and baskets make life much easier for you when trying to access low cabinets because you don't have to bend down and reach all the way in to the back -- it comes to you. Use these instead of shelves so you don't lose items in the back of cabinets.
  • Pull-out waste and recycling bins make it easy to hide your trash without having to use valuable space under the sink or sacrifice bin size to fit a too-small area. You get all of the benefits of a hidden trash can, like keeping children and pets out, with the easy emptying of a free-standing can.
  • Slide-out cutting board systems mean you'll always have a cutting board handy when you need it. These double as extra counter space when you need it most and can be made with integrated knife storage areas.
  • Under-cabinet racks mounted on the "ceiling" of your cabinets can store stemware in what used to be empty space.
  • A pull-down spice rack mounted underneath your upper cabinets keeps your oft-used spices at hand for quick use while cooking.
  • An appliance garage is an extension of an upper cabinet that meets your countertop and stores blenders, food processors, mixers, coffee makers and other small appliances out of plain sight for easy access.
  • Hanging cookbook holders mount underneath upper cabinets and are used to hold your recipe without taking up valuable counter space, keeping your hands free to chop, kneed, stir, blend, sift and more.
  • Swing-out spice pantries are shelves built into cabinet doors that allow for easy access to all of your spices without any getting lost in a too-deep cabinet.
  • Flip-down sink trays utilize the wasted fake drawer often found in front of sinks and let you store unsightly sponges, brushes and more out of sight.

Talk to your contractor about adding in these and many other functional features and accessories, and make the most out of your kitchen when you reface.

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