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Add Kitchen Design Trends During Cabinet Refacing

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

There are many trends that can boost your kitchen design. Whether it is light and airy white cabinets, decorative glass doors or detailed cabinet hardware, these new features can revamp your kitchen style. Here's how to incorporate current trends.

Open Up Kitchen Design

Light and open is the buzzword in many of today's kitchens. When selecting a cabinet front, try adding a white cabinet door. The light color will add a crisp look to the room and make the space more inviting. Combine white cabinets with:
  • A white kitchen countertop for continuity.
  • A dark countertop for contrast.
  • Satin nickel cabinet hardware for a crisp metal accent.
  • Bold rugs or other accessories to add a burst of color.
  • White trim around the kitchen windows and doors.

Add Furniture Look to Kitchen Cabinets

The unfitted or furniture look is a big trend in today's kitchen design. Instead of lining up boxes of cabinets on the wall, designers are adding in tables, cabinets with decorative molding and other features to create a furniture look. Even if you are not changing your cabinet layout, there are ways to incorporate this trend. When refacing cabinets:
  • Add decorative molding, either horizontally on top of the cabinets or vertically between cabinets. The molding adds grooves, texture and dimension reminiscent of fine furniture.
  • Remove a few cabinet doors and use those cabinets for displaying dishes and glassware.
  • Add cabinet hardware with texture, such as a forged iron design.

Bring The Earth Into Kitchen Design

Earthy materials and color tones have become a hot item in the kitchen, as they help create a warm, tranquil environment. If you're changing an older kitchen, you probably are moving away from monochromatic color schemes, pastels or bold colors. For a change of pace, try adding camel, sage and taupe colors through:
  • Paint
  • Kitchen towels, rugs and accessories
  • Window treatments

As you make all your selections for a cabinet refacing, take some time to consider these current kitchen design trends. Most are easy to incorporate, regardless the size or style of your kitchen. The result can be a dramatically different kitchen with lots of pizzazz.

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