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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Reface for more space: cabinet refacing for small kitchens

by Karl Fendelander
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Does opening the spice cabinet turn your kitchen into a limbo fest? Do you lose access to the stove when you go for a frying pan? Do you get the feeling there are too many cooks in the kitchen when you're making dinner alone? If you said 'yes' to any of these, you may be suffering from a cramped kitchen. Don't worry; surrendering your kitchen for six weeks for a costly total remodel isn't the only remedy for your situation.

Check out these ideas for a cabinet-refacing makeover that an experienced, certified contractor can get done in days:

  • Slide in style. Instead of having a giant wooden cupboard door swinging out into head-injury territory, you can reface your cabinets with sliding doors. This works particularly well for wider cabinets and will free up oodles of space in a tiny kitchen.
  • Do the accordion. More versatile than sliding doors, accordion-style doors free up just as much space and can be made from wood, plastic, metal or even glass. For most designs, the contractor will need to install tracks inside the cabinets, so keep this in mind when you're imagining.
  • Roll 'em up. Roll-top cupboard doors are another highly versatile option. Go for metal for a modern look or wood for an antique, roll-top-desk feel. Remember that you'll have to roll them down to close things up, so avoid this option for tall cabinets that are hard to reach. Remember, too, that you may lose some valuable space to give the door somewhere to go when it's rolled up.
  • Add more doors. Rather than having a huge cabinet door that swings out into the open, you can have two narrower doors do the same job. They'll eat up less space when open.
  • Go without. All together removing your cabinet doors frees up space and makes things feel more open because you can see the wall -- and all your stuff (so stay organized). Put the money you'll save on new cabinet doors into refacing the interiors, and consider swapping wooden shelves for glass ones to open things up even more.
Don't stop with these ideas; be creative. Find a local, prescreened contractor through our network and discuss not only cupboard doors but organizing inserts that increase space -- like a spinning lazy susan in the corner cabinet or tilt-out drawers. Save time, save money: reface and make space.

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