Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing Plus Other Upgrades Get Home Ready For Sale

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When preparing your home for sale, remember that your kitchen cabinets are a key feature. Potential home buyers will focus on the overall kitchen design, as well as how attractive and functional the cabinets are. Here are the Top 5 ways to spruce up your kitchen cabinets:
  1. Cabinet Refacing. This involves hiring a contractor to replace your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Cabinet refacing literally gives the front of your cabinets a new look - ranging from contemporary to traditional to Shaker or eclectic. Cabinet refacing typically takes less than three days and is about one third of the cost of replacing your kitchen cabinets.
  2. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware. Many people who do a cabinet refacing project also update their cabinet hardware. This is a quick and inexpensive way to add a new look to your kitchen cabinets. There are a variety of cabinet hardware styles, many priced from $3 to $7 each.
  3. Roll Out Drawers.  A cabinet refacing contractor can add the ultimate in functionality - drawers that roll out. These often are placed near a stove and are ideal for storing pots, pans and small appliances.
  4. Glass Cabinet Doors. If you want to dress up your kitchen cabinets, consider adding glass door in a few choice locations. A clear or etched glass pattern can make a big impact.
  5. Cabinet Molding. Add a one to three inch crown molding on your kitchen cabinets to add style and dimension. A contractor also can add decorative molding vertically, to enhance the framing around a large cabinet, for example.

There are many ways to dress up your kitchen cabinets and get your kitchen ready for prospective buyers. Consider these Top 5 projects - or at least a few - to update your kitchen design.

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