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Choosing New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

by Amy Fanter
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Are you installing new kitchen cabinets or refacing your existing ones? Chances are you'll want to replace the hardware on your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers too. While not all kitchen cabinet doors and drawers require handles or backplates, installing new hardware will not only unify your kitchen's design but can make your kitchen cabinets more accessible and easier to maintain.

Here's a quick review of the various styles of cabinet hardware options that are available for your new kitchen cabinets.

The Artistic Accent: Getting a Handle on Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Ranging in size from ¾" to 2" in diameter, knobs are handles mounted to your kitchen cabinet doors with a single screw and bolt. Pulls, on the other hand are typically larger, and are attached with two screws. While both knobs and pulls serve the same overall function, pulls, due to their larger size, will have a greater impact on your overall kitchen design. Both knobs and handles can be installed with or without backplates.

Backplate Basics

If you want to protect your new kitchen cabinet door and drawer surfaces (or hide old holes from prior knobs and pulls), consider installing blackplates. Backplates attach to the exterior of your new cabinet doors or drawers between the knobs or pulls and cabinet itself. Backplates are available in a variety of finishes and materials to complement your new handles.

The Finishing Touch on Your New Kitchen Cabinets

One of the hardest parts of installing new knobs, pulls, or backplates is choosing the right finish based upon your kitchen design. Some of the most popular options include:
  • Ceramic
  • Nickel
  • Aged Bronze
  • Polished Chrome
  • Antique Copper and Brass
  • Iron

If you're looking to put the finishing touch on your kitchen cabinet upgrade, adding new handles and backplates is a great place to start. 

About the Author
AJ Fanter is a freelance writer based in Reno, Nevada.

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