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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Creating a More Open Kitchen Design

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If your kitchen design lacks the wide, open layout found in today’s new homes, consider changes that will open up the space. As you plan a cabinet refacing project, look to your cabinets and windows for ways to improve the overall look.

Kitchen Cabinets are the Key

Your kitchen cabinet layout will go a long way in making the room appear cramped or wide open. Since reconfiguring the cabinets can be costly, look for ways to reface the cabinets and improve the design. Among the options are:

  • Changing from dark cabinets to cabinets refaced in a light wood.
  • Adding glass cabinet doors to help bring in more light.
  • Adding lighting under the wall cabinets to brighten the space.
  • Create open shelving by removing doors from some cabinets. This adds a trendy style and removes some visual weight.

Replacement Windows Bring in Light

The size, shape, and style of your kitchen windows will affect how much natural light the room receives. If you have an older kitchen with one small window above the sink, consider expanding the wall opening and adding a larger replacement window. Among the options are:

  • Double hung windows that blend with traditional styling.
  • Casement windows that are cranked open for ease of use.
  • Bay windows that add a panoramic view of the yard.

Add Sliding Patio Door to Kitchen

Another way to brighten a kitchen design is to add another door. If you have a long wall in your breakfast area, for example, you can have a sliding patio door installed to bring in more light. A French door also would add style and provide easy access to the outdoors.

Get Creative with Wall Tile

The wall area between your countertop and cabinets is a prime design area. When trying to lighten the look of the room, add large, light-colored wall tiles that reflect plenty of light. The wall tiles can be coordinated with floor tiles for a cohesive look. Also consider clear glass wall tiles that reflect light.

There are many ways to brighten your kitchen design by changing the cabinet details, adding replacement windows, and getting creative with tile. Some or all of these projects will improve the visual appeal of your newly refaced kitchen


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