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Creating a Unique Kitchen: 5 Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you're looking for a way to make your kitchen an expression of yourself and stand out from typical kitchens, there are nearly endless ways you could personalize it. To get started on some out-of-the-ordinary brainstorming, check out these ideas for creating a unique kitchen, ranging from the slightly unusual to the truly one-of-a-kind.

5 Ways to Create a Unique Kitchen

  • Reverse color expectation. Many homeowners are embracing the open kitchen cabinet look, leaving off cabinet doors to display dishes. Many times these shelves are a light color, such as white, cream, or yellow. If you have brightly-colored or light dishware and are looking for a more dramatic look, paint your open shelves a dark color such as black or chocolate brown, and the color on your dishes should really pop.
  • Put art on the cabinets. Many homeowners have stenciling around the kitchen ceiling and backsplash patterns or even murals on the walls, but a design on your kitchen cabinets could really be a showstopper, particularly if you choose a design that extends over several cabinet doors. The flat front panel is a great place for a variety of designs, and there are stores that sell stencil patterns and paints for use on wood cabinets.
  • Add a deep shine with thick glass. Thick glass has a particular depth and lustre in the sunlight, and countertops made from bits of recycled glass are becoming increasingly popular. Instead, consider one thick slab of glass as a countertop. Even an opaque glass countertop can have a variety of imbedded textures and colors.
  • Go for mobile cabinets. If you're thinking about replacing or remodeling your kitchen cabinets, you could go for the flexible look: stainless steel tables or wooden carts on wheels could replace your lower cabinets. Leave the shelves open or cover them with curtains. If you want closed storage, build (or hire someone to build) individual drawer boxes that can be placed on the shelves, or store items in baskets. This is definitely an unique look, and if you are lacking in space this does add the convenience of being able to roll your cabinets out of the way when they're not in use.
  • Embed items in the countertop. While concrete may be a popular countertop material, one way to make it truly unique to your house is to custom-order the concrete and embed objects in it, such as fossils, seashells, colored pieces of glass, or semi-precious gemstones. When the countertop is sealed, the items are protected and yet still on display for anyone who enters the kitchen.

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Melissa Bullard earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, then a Master's Degree in Spanish Language and Literatures from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has taught writing, literature, and Spanish classes, and is currently working as a fre

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