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Decorative lighting emphasizes kitchen design

by Patricia Davis Brown
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When remodeling, the most visible element usually makes the most impact on a room's design. Decorative lighting with all of its sparkle and bling can make a big impression. Especially in a kitchen where so much of it is needed, you should not be afraid to try something bold when it comes to lighting.

Because so many different activities take place in today's modern kitchens, it's important to consult with a lighting professional when it comes to your kitchen. We don't just cook and clean up in the kitchen, we entertain and do projects or homework there too. Because of the variety of tasks that take place, you may need a layered lighting plan to set the light levels for accomplishing each task.

Decorative lighting serves a two-fold purpose: it not only illuminates a surface; it adds character to the space. There are no rules when it comes to decorative lighting. I love doing the unexpected when lighting a kitchen island, for example. An island is the center of attention, so why not spotlight it with lighting that makes a statement?


 Kitchen island decorative lighting


Beyond the kitchen: lighting for other rooms

If you really want to do a do-it-yourself (DIY) lighting project, your living room is a good candidate. It may not need as much technical assistance as a kitchen. The living room is for "chillin' out," so you can do general lighting; just don't overdo it. The light levels for a living room are much lower than those of the kitchen. You and your guests want to relax in this setting, not feel like you are being interrogated -- so get rid of any fixture with a direct beam. Use more ambient lighting in this space. Sconces like the awesome ones below are a great option.


 Grazing the wall with lighting


The master bedroom is all about mood. Dramatic lighting should be part of the plan for this special space, but avoid using recessed ceiling fixtures. Imagine lying down in bed and having a light shinning down into your eyes! It's probably not what you had in mind.

When I am lighting a bedroom I like to graze the walls with the lighting. I never shine a directional light toward the bed or its occupants. However, if you like to read in bed, there are some amazing, decorative reading lamps that can bring out the theme of the room while offering improved task lighting.


Decorative lighting for bedrooms



Be creative with your decorative lighting. Remember that it can have a huge impact aesthetically, so don't be afraid to try something a little different.

About the Author
Interior designer Patricia Davis Brown specializes in kitchen and bath renovations, and is the owner of Patricia Davis Brown Designs. Brown's work has garnered 15 national and several state awards and been recognized in numerous national publications over her 26 years in the design industry. In 2010, she took her mastery of space planning and design national by launching a virtual design company, ProfessionalKitcheandBathPlans.com and her online store PDBhomestore.com. She also blogs about all things design at www.digthisdesign.net.

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