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Five Ways to Improve the Look and Functionality of Your Kitchen

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Functionality and design--for years now, home decoraters have been bringing these two words together. If you've been thinking about redecorating, remodeling, or even just refacing your kitchen cabinets, and you're wondering how to make your kitchen more efficient and cook-friendly while at the same time enhancing its style, consider these 5 tips to increase both the style and functionality of your kitchen.

5 Ways to Increase Your Kitchen's Functionality

  1. Add an Island: If you are refacing your kitchen cabinets and you always thought you needed just a bit more countertop space or storage, consider whether you have room to install a kitchen island. Islands can be constructed and painted in ways so that they become as much a part of the decorating and design of the kitchen as a utilitarian space.
  2. Accessorize: Just because it's useful doesn't mean it can't be fun! If you have appliances that you use often enough that they can be kept on the counter--think coffee grinders, mixers, blenders, and toaster ovens--purchase ones that coordinate with or accent the colors and styles of your kitchen decorations. It's a quick, easy way to add flair.
  3. Style Plus Storage: Consider keeping ingredients that you use often, such as salt, sugar, or flour out on the counter in decorative jars. Whether these jars coordinate and match the rest of your kitchen colors or provide the one accent color your kitchen needs, it's a great way to increase the attractiveness of your kitchen while saving you time when you're cooking.
  4. Pamper Your Feet: If you are considering other ways to update your kitchen besides refacing the cabinets, consider new flooring, particularly if you cook often. Standing for long periods of time can be hard on your feet, legs, and back, so consider putting in new cork or recycled rubber flooring. You can choose colors and patterns that give your kitchen floor a facelift, all while helping you cook more comfortably.
  5. Install Under-cabinet Lighting: Under-cabinet lighting can not only help you see better to chop, cut, mix, arrange, and clean, but it also can give your kitchen a brighter, more welcoming appearance. Increased lighting can make a room look bigger, and you may even feel that your kitchen is bigger if you've got more useable space.

Whether your main goal is a new look for your kitchen or increased functionality, make sure to consider all your options so that you can accomplish one without sacrificing the other.

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Melissa Bullard earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, then a Master's Degree in Spanish Language and Literatures from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has taught writing, literature, and Spanish classes, and is currently working as a fre

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