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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

6 hot spots to shop for kitchen cabinets and doors

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

You've decided what kind of materials you like and chosen a design to suit your space. You've made the decision of whether to replace the cabinets altogether, or reface them to save money and time. But where will you go to buy what you need?

6 great places to buy kitchen cabinets and doors

There are numerous places to purchase kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors for refacing. This short guide can help you choose which route is best for your kitchen plans:

  1. Home improvement stores. Home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot carry an extensive line of kitchen cabinets, doors, hardware and accessories. Most stores offer installation of their cabinets as well, but since each store could have a different policy, it pays to check on installation before you make the purchase.

  2. Direct from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers go through dealers to get their product to you. Others sell directly to the consumer, avoiding the middle man and potentially saving you money. When you choose this route, you will usually need to arrange for installation on your own. You can find a contractor for new cabinet installation, or cabinet refacing, by filling out the form on this page.

  3. Custom contractors. Most contractors will provide free quotes on materials, labor and installation. They will usually handle a kitchen remodel project from start to finish. Though this is a more expensive option, it allows for the greatest amount of customization and creativity.

  4. Home shows. A home and garden show is a mecca for those who want to see the latest and greatest in kitchen cabinetry. Purchasing a set of kitchen cabinet doors from a home show can bring great savings. On top of the nice sales price, expect to add delivery and installation costs.

  5. Online. Purchasing cabinets online can be appealing to those, who want to save money. Keep in mind that delivery costs can be expensive. If you plan on cabinet refacing rather than replacement, this might be a good option.

  6. Second-hand sales. For those who really enjoy getting a bargain, purchasing used cabinet doors for refacing can be an option. There are some caveats when going this route, however. Cabinet doors that have been used for many years can have hidden flaws that don't reveal themselves until after installation, and there are no warranties to help you pay for any problems that might arise. That said, if you love a funky, vintage look or you want to try DIY refacing, second-hand sales can work well.

No matter where you purchase your kitchen cabinetry, remember that the smallest bottom line is not always the best one in the long run. Cabinets and cabinet doors that are professionally measured, assembled and installed are usually a much better bet than cut-rate cabinets and do-it-yourself installation.

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