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Keeping Your Kitchen Cool: 5 Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen's Hottest Months

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Whether you're a gourmet chef with a passion for cooking every night, or you're just trying to eat at home to save money, spending long evenings in a hot kitchen can get old fast. If you're considering refacing your kitchen, this may be the perfect time to make a few other design changes. Consider these remodeling tips to keep your kitchen cool.

5 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cool

  • Install tile flooring: Probably the most time-consuming of these tips, installing tile flooring can help you feel cooler in your kitchen during the summer months. Most ceramic tile floors feel cool under bare feet even during hot months, and this can be an advantage when you're moving about the kitchen. Worried about the coldness of the tile in the winter? Invest in a pair of slippers.
  • Install an induction stovetop: If you do much of your cooking on your stovetop, and you're looking to upgrade as you're refacing your kitchen cabinets, consider purchasing an induction stovetop. While they can be quite expensive, these stovetops transfer heat directly to the cooking vessel, which means there is no wasted radiant heat or a hot stovetop.
  • Invest in smaller appliances: Kitchen appliances aren't just for utility anymore; many are decorative and lend character to a kitchens. During summer months, consider making greater use of your toaster oven or slow cooker. If you were considering purchasing these items anyway, choose models that complement your kitchen design, and enjoy decorating your kitchen while preparing for less heat.
  • Cover your windows with sheer curtains: If your kitchen window faces south, greets the sunrise, or looks out on the sunset, you know how much direct rays from the sun can heat up your kitchen. So if you want to keep your kitchen cool yet bright, invest in sheer white or ivory curtains. They can let in nearly the same amount of ambient light, yet keeping the sun's rays out makes a significant difference in keeping your kitchen cool.
  • Add a kitchen fan: If you have a central light fixture in your kitchen, consider installing a kitchen fan there. It's a remodeling tip that can help keep your kitchen cool in the summer months, but it does require upkeep. You have to be willing to clean it frequently so dust doesn't fly into your food when it's on.

There are different ways to handle a hot kitchen, but if you can't stand the heat, a few remodeling changes could mean that you don't necessarily have to get out of the kitchen.

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