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Kitchen drawers: An important cabinet refacing element

by Jim Sloan
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When doing a kitchen cabinet refacing job, an important part of the process is finding kitchen drawers that blend in with their new surroundings and can carry the load they've been assigned. Fewer elements in your house take as much of a beating as your kitchen drawers, which over time can get battered, nicked and wobbly.

Refacing or replacing kitchen drawers

When refacing your kitchen cabinets, you also have to reface your kitchen drawers, so here are some things to keep in mind when making your choices:

  • If your existing kitchen drawers work fine, you'll only have to replace the face of the drawer to match your new color, wood or surface scheme.
  • If you are replacing the entire drawer, look for new drawers that are sturdily built. A good rule of thumb: Make sure they are rated to carry at least 75 pounds.
  • Examine the corner construction of the kitchen drawers. Drawers that are stapled won't last as long as those that are dovetailed.
  • Press your fingers against the bottom of the drawer body to see how much flex it has. If it doesn't feel strong, it probably isn't.

If replacing drawers that stick, particularly in an older house, install drawer slides, which are available in several weight capacities and sizes, and are easy to install. So are new knobs and handles, but remember the hardware you pick for your drawers should match the hinges on your cabinet doors if the hinges will be visible.

Remember that not all drawers are the same dimensions, so when measuring your kitchen cabinets in preparation for ordering new doors and veneer, remember to also measure the faces of your drawers.

About the Author
Jim Sloan is a freelance writer in Reno, Nev.

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