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Little Modifications That Make a Big Difference in the Kitchen

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Little things can make a big difference when it comes to the look of your kitchen. If you're refacing your kitchen cabinets instead of remodeling, you're probably aware that a kitchen doesn't need a total rehaul to get a new style. A few small modifications can make a big difference in the overall appearance and functionality of your kitchen, so be sure to consider them as you reface your cabinets.

Little Details That Make a Big Difference

  • Countertop Lip: If a new countertop is part of your kitchen refacing project, make sure to consider models that include a lip, that small rise at the edge. If you have children who help in the kitchen, it can keep objects from rolling off and liquids from spilling down onto the cabinets, something you can appreciate.
  • Smaller Refrigerator: A refrigerator with doors that are flush with the countertops can help make your kitchen seem larger and reduce the amount of space that is taken up when the fridge door is open. And if you're shopping for new appliances, smaller refrigerators can be much cheaper than larger models.
  • Cabinet Hardware: For the little physical space that cabinet hardware uses, it can make a big difference in the look of a kitchen. For example, flat white cabinets with bronze knobs get a whole new look when you replace the knobs with sleek pewter handles.
  • Larger Countertop Tiles: If you love tile countertops but hate the thought of cleaning intricate networks of grout, consider buying larger countertop tiles. This reduces the amount of grout and could possibly reduce the cost of the tiles.
  • Oven Drawer: Forget warming trays and separate broiling units. If you have a smaller kitchen and you're looking for ways to save space, buying an oven with a bottom drawer can save you money as well as provide valuable storage for pans and trays.
  • Task Lighting: If overhead fluorescent bulbs are your kitchen's only source of light, task lighting could be your new best friend. Installing under-cabinet lighting means you won't have to work in your own shadow anymore.
  • Kitchen Art: If you've got a blank kitchen wall, consider filling it with art. This can be anything from an Ansel Adams photo to a metallic backsplash on the wall between the kitchen and microwave.

It's amazing how the smallest things--an inch of saved space here, a dab of color there--can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Make sure to consider small modifications as you reface your kitchen cabinets.

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