Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Maximizing a minimal kitchen

Preparing meals in a tiny kitchen can be problematic, and sometimes stressful. You can do quite a bit to improve small kitchens if you set aside one weekend and a few dollars. Here's the game plan:

  1. Prioritize: Take absolutely everything out of the kitchen. Set each item in the appropriate area labeled "use daily," "use weekly," and "use infrequently." Start with the "use infrequently" items and sell, donate, or dispose of about one-third of them. Store the remainder in clear plastic pull-out drawers on high closet shelves in other rooms, including your garage or carport. Use non-stacking boxes under beds.
  2. Reorganize: Keep food wraps and freezer bags in a plastic bin that mounts inside a cupboard door. Free up another drawer by storing dinner cutlery in attractive crockery vases in the middle of your dining table. Keep extra non-perishable foods in your garage or carport. Buy a small kitchen cart for extra food prep space. Keep pots, pans, mixing bowls and/or small appliances on lower shelves.
  3. Add: Take advantage of all vertical space. Add long, narrow open shelves on the backsplash wall for spices and other small items. Hang cooking utensils on a wall or cupboard end. Store light weight, less frequently used items in attractive, labeled bins atop your cabinets. Expand counter space with a hinged extension that folds up and down at the cabinet end.

Try implementing a couple of these ideas yourself and work with a capable kitchen designer or contractor to implement changes that can really stretch your kitchen's performance. You'll probably find that missing measuring spoon in the process!

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