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Metal Kitchen Cabinet: Fabulously Futuristic and Steely in the Face of Competition

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Nothing screams contemporary and new wave quite like a metal cabinet door. In fact, the kitchen of the future will be steely grey and the remarkable fusion of form and function. But why wait? You can install metal kitchen cabinets in your kitchen today and be a trend setter in kitchen remodeling circles.

When it comes to custom kitchen cabinet designs, metal is in. The flash and dash of metal kitchen cabinets are not only the essence of modern, but they're surprisingly affordable as well. And the technological advancements of the latest metal kitchen cabinet designs have created some of the most sturdy, hard-wearing products on the market.

Benefits of the Metal Kitchen Cabinet

  • Durable. The metal kitchen cabinet is tough under pressure. With reinforced hinges and corrosion resistant casing, a metal kitchen cabinet will give you years of reliable service for your investment.
  • Customizable. If you want to go above and beyond the standard metallic finish, your custom metal kitchen cabinet can be covered with a high gloss paint to match virtually any current aesthetic theme.
  • Unique. You'll love the fact that your metal kitchen cabinet probably won't be found in your neighbor's kitchen. That is, until they see yours first.

One of the great things about having metal kitchen cabinets is that there's not a whole lot you need to do to keep them looking good. Here's a summary of the periodic duties required to care for you metal kitchen cabinet.

Caring for Your Metal Kitchen Cabinet

  • Simple Wiping. Most damage that can occur to the metal kitchen cabinet, such as stains and fingerprints, can be wiped off with a double cloth and a basic metal cleaning solution.
  • Stripping. If you have painted metal cabinets and would like to return them to their natural metallic tint, use a high grade stripping compound and polish the materials with a piece of steel wool.
  • Maintenance. Every so often, apply a quality rust proof solution to your metal kitchen cabinet that will keep them looking brand new.

Move your kitchen into the new millennium with the look and feel of authentic metal cabinets. For the true contemporary, this remodeling idea is the first step on the path to a truly modern home.

About the Author
Kelly Richardson covers the home improvement scene in between his seasonal projects. His articles appear wherever intelligent interior design is valued.

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