Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Modern storage solutions for kitchen drawers

Here are some cool storage options available to you when you replace your kitchen drawers.

Pegboard Drawers
If you're sick of getting on your tippy toes to put your plates away, put them in an easy-to-reach drawer instead. Plates can be stacked securely between adjustable pegs in a 12-inch-deep base cabinet drawer. And guess what: shorter kids can no longer get out of unloading the dishwasher.

Stand and Deliver
Similarly, the slotted base-cabinet drawer is also designed for plates; freeing up wall space by providing a new place for dishes. In this case, though, you don't have to stack plates, which lessens the chance of chipping.

Cool Storage
Wire-mesh-fronted cabinet drawers allow air to circulate around your onions and potatoes, extending their shelf life and keeping them from getting gooey and disgusting.

Knife Drawer
Store knives of all sizes safely in a drawer with protective wood slots installed.

Cutlery Carrier
Duh, why didn't anyone come up with this before?! Utensil trays with handles let you carry them around to set the table or to the dishwasher to unload your clean silverware.

Under-Sink Organizer
That creepy spot under the sink--home of pipes, trash cans, old Brillo pads, and cleaning supplies dating back to the Reagan era--is where all but the most organized among us fear to tread. Under-sink drawers change all that; they feature compartments for sponges and scrubbers in the cool U-shaped unit on top; cleaning products and recycling bins get stored neatly on the bottom.

Even small kitchens can effectively store it all with the right tools.



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