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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Popular Flooring Options

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When planning a kitchen cabinet refacing, many home owners look around the kitchen for other areas to fix or replace. Since cabinet refacing is so economical, it often is easy to complete another project or two at the same time. New flooring, whether it is wood, ceramic or vinyl, can make a dramatic difference and help complement your cabinet refacing project.

Wood Flooring Versus Ceramic

When planning an upscale cabinet refacing project, many people turn to wood flooring or ceramic tiles. Each provides a rich look and is available in a wide range of colors. Look for a material that will blend well with your cabinet refacing choices, such as:
  • Oak or maple wood flooring with oak or maple wood cabinet fronts.
  • Light rustic ceramic tile to contrast with cherry cabinet fronts.
  • Bold black and white tile to offset contemporary white laminate cabinet fronts.

Many people choose wood or ceramic flooring based on the look. Wood has a richer, more natural look, while ceramic adds more texture. Ceramic is made with many interesting patterns and is easier to keep clean. Ceramic can be harder to stand on, however.

Vinyl Flooring is Economical Option

Vinyl flooring is a good option to blend with an economical cabinet refacing project. Vinyl, which is sold in sheets or 12 by 12-inch tiles, is made in a wide variety of patterns. You'll find everything from neutral creams to bold blue and yellow accents. Look for a pattern that will blend with your new kitchen cabinet style and material.

When shopping for flooring, consider your lifestyle and budget. Vinyl flooring is the least expensive, but does not have the rich, natural look of wood or ceramic. Vinyl is the choice of many people with small children, however, as it is easy to clean.

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