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Refacing? Five Tips When You're Looking at Cabinetry Supplies

by Jim Mallery
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you are refacing your cabinets, make sure you explore the wide array of cabinetry supplies that will complete your upgrade. A scan of the Yellow Pages should reveal several shops in your area that specialize in cabinet accessories, and a Web search will bring up infinitely more.

Organize with Cabinetry Supplies

Here are 5 goodies to look for as you browse through lists of cabinetry supplies:

  1. Lazy Susans. You may have a cheap, wobbly Lazy. If you have your countertop removed, you probably will be able to easily install a high-quality, shelf-style Lazy Susan. You are looking at $150-$200 for swivels and shelves.
  2. Full-extension drawer slides. If you haven't used them, try them. They create easy access to everything in your drawers. There is a huge range of pricing, depending on the type of mounting and load--from $15 to over $100.
  3. Sliding shelves. These are a little more involved (and expensive) than new drawer slides because they also involve new shelves, but they sure make it easier to access the items at the back of the cabinet.
  4. Hinged tip-out tray for the sink panel. These provide a handy place to store scrubbers and other sink-related items. Hinge and tray should not cost you more than $12-$15.
  5. Pull-up mixer/appliance shelf. You can tuck unsightly mixers or other appliances out of sight, yet easily lift them into position. Depending on load, one will cost between $100 and $175.

These a but a few of the many cabinetry supplies and do-dads you will find at a shop offering cabinet accessories. Browse and enjoy.


About the Author
Jim Mallery, a semi-retired journalist and onetime registered contractor, has extensive experience remodeling, repairing and rebuilding homes.

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