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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets? Ditch the Old Kitchen Sink and Faucet Too!

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Aside from their function, your kitchen sink and faucet play an important role in the look of your kitchen. As you plan a cabinet refacing project, consider changing your kitchen sink and faucet to enhance the kitchen design.

Kitchen Sinks Are More Flexible than Ever

Kitchen sinks are sold in a variety of sizes and shapes, from 27-inch single bowl sinks to 34-inch double bowl sinks. There are also three-bowl kitchen sinks for those who like separate sinks for washing and rinsing dishes, plus a sink for the garbage disposal.

During a cabinet refacing project, try to select a kitchen sink that will blend with the cabinet refacing style and finish. For example, if you are refacing cabinets to add an arched door front, look for a kitchen sink with a curved edge that mirrors the arch.

Coordinate Your Kitchen Sink with Your Favorite Cabinet Refacing Material

The kitchen sink material will also play an important part in your new kitchen design. The most popular option is a stainless steel kitchen sink. This is a durable metal that adds a commercial look to a kitchen design. Among the other options are:

  • Cast iron--a traditional favorite that adds a warm look to a kitchen design.
  • Solid surface material--typically molded with the countertop for a seamless, easy-to-clean design.

Kitchen sinks are priced from $50 for a single bowl stainless steel sink to $700 or more for a porcelain farm sink with etched designs. There are many sinks priced from $100 to $300.

Kitchen Faucets: Style and Convenience

Many of today's kitchen faucets are designed with an emphasis on style. You'll find tall arches, two-handled ornate faucets, and sleek, contemporary faucets with rectangular spouts that jet out into the sink. Among the popular kitchen faucet features are:

  • A pull out sprayer for ease of cleaning.
  • A built-in soap dispenser that fits on the edge of the sink.
  • Long-lasting finishes that retain their luster for many years.

Kitchen faucets are priced from $50 to $500 or more, depending on the design, finish and features.

Think Warmth for Your Kitchen Faucet Finishes

When selecting a kitchen faucet, look for warm metal finishes--such as satin nickel and aged bronze--to enhance your kitchen design. Faucets with brown and black tones add a nice contrast to cabinets refaced with cherry or maple tones.

With a wealth of options, it shouldn't be difficult to coordinate your kitchen sink and faucet with your newly refaced cabinets.

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