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Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Amy Fanter
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you're preparing for a kitchen remodel, chances are you're hoping to get new kitchen cabinets as well. However, as important as they are to your overall design, installing new kitchen cabinets can take a huge chunk of your remodeling or renovation budget.

Which is why refinishing your existing kitchen cabinets can really make sense, particularly if your current cabinets are in good working order.

Refinishing versus New Kitchen Cabinets

According to Better Homes and Gardens, installing new kitchen cabinets can take up as much as 40 percent of your kitchen remodeling budget. That's why many homeowners opt for refinishing rather than replacing their existing kitchen cabinets. However, before you invest in refinishing, it's a good idea to take a careful look at your current kitchen cabinets and make sure they are not only functional for storage and will fit with your new décor, but are also in good working order and are structurally sound. For example, refinishing may not be your best bet if your current kitchen cabinets have broken drawers, ill-fitting doors or if the cabinets are pulling away from the wall. If however, your existing cabinets are in great shape and are of good quality then refinishing is an excellent alternative.

Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

While it's possible to refinish your cabinets yourself, the job can be quite messy and time consuming. For example, in addition to removing stain, wax, shellac, or polyurethane with various chemicals and wood strippers, to refinish your cabinets you may also need to patch holes and sand them down before reapplying the same materials in order to complement your new kitchen. That's why many people choose to have a professional kitchen cabinet refinisher come in and take care of the job for them.

So, if you want the look of new kitchen and you're looking to save time, as well as money, maybe it's time to call in an expert to bring your kitchen cabinets back to life.

About the Author
AJ Fanter is a freelance writer based in Reno, Nevada.

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